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Number of FundsSilver ETFsSum of Assets$ USD$ 7,447,470,073100%
Inception Date Plot
Inception DateISIN CodeExchangeMERMgt. FeeLocal TimeSymbolNameccy.ChangeLast PriceYtD%OpenPrevious CloseVolumeYear HighYear Low31.Dec.2018MIC CodeUSD Market Cap.% of TotalMkt. Cap.Outstanding
Silver ETFs
December 19, 2008AU000ETPMAG8Australian Securities Exchange0.00490.0049ETFS Physical Silver ETCXASX---
April 13, 2007GB00B15KY328Borsa Italiana S.p.A.0.0049-SLVRETFS Silver ETC€ EUR-0.09813.90613.98214.004860314.37411.7712.99XMIL---
August 24, 2009JE00B1VS3333Tokyo Stock Exchange0.0049-1673ETFS Physical Silver ETC¥ JPY016001600160010168614081450XJPX---
June 20, 2007JE00B1VS3333Borsa Italiana S.p.A.0.0049-PHAGETFS Physical Silver ETC€ EUR-0.01213.71813.7213.734378514.11611.412.62XMIL---
May 8, 2007DE000A0N62F2Deutsche Börse Xetra0.0049-VZLCETFS Physical Silver ETC€ EUR-0.02813.70913.73113.7375658414.08211.39711.94XETR---
May 8, 2007DE000A0N62F2Deutsche Börse Xetra0.0049-VZLCETFS Physical Silver ETC€ EUR-0.15713.69613.7513.85388014.08511.40111.94XETR---
November 3, 2006DE000A0KRJ51Deutsche Börse Xetra0.0049-OD7NETFS Silver ETC€ EUR-0.00214.00514.00314.00717014.39311.81212.06XETR---
May 31, 2017XS1526242711Borsa Italiana S.p.A.0.00480.0048SLVR1LSG ETC Silver Collateralized€ EUR037.235037.235039.75539.2339.23XMIL41334573.5372350001000000
February 28, 2007GB00B15KY328Euronext Paris0.0049-SLVRPETFS Silver ETC€ EUR0.02214.02414.00314.00233914.3611.7611.94XPAR---
May 18, 2007JE00B1VS3333Euronext Amsterdam0.0049-PHAGETFS Physical Silver ETC€ EUR-0.00113.7413.73513.7412095514.1311.412.34XAMS---
October 29, 2007JE00B1VS3333London Stock Exchange0.0049-PHSPETFS Physical Silver ETC£ GBP0.761252.431259.991251.67685661281.241015.3041036.15XLON---
April 24, 2007JE00B1VS3333London Stock Exchange0.0049-PHAGETFS Physical Silver ETC$ USD0.002515.19515.1915.19254855815.6413.1951142.72XLON921357455.7692135745660635568
September 27, 2006GB00B15KY328London Stock Exchange0.0049-SLVRETFS Silver ETC$ USD-0.115.4415.5315.547403615.9713.51215.03XLON33159330331593302147625
April 21, 2006US46428Q1094Santiago Stock Exchange
0.005-SLViShares Silver Trust$ USD-0.6414.0414.6814.68511415.4413.9514.03XSGO---
April 17, 2013US22542D4491NASDAQ Stock Exchange0.0065-SLVOCredit Suisse X-Links Silver CovCall ETN$ USD0.
April 21, 2006US46428Q1094NYSE Arca0.005-SLViShares Silver Trust$ USD-0.140315.189715.0815.33800556015.5913.1114.52XNYS53293062455329306245350850000
December 1, 2008US74347W3530NYSE Arca0.0095-AGQProShares Ultra Silver$ USD-0.556827.503227.1428.0619843029.0521.5726.37XNYS210303933.882103039347646526
May 1, 2007US46160H2058NYSE Arca0.00790.0075DBSInvesco DB Silver$ USD0.156423.976323.5623.8199124.31392122.98XNYS1438578014385780600000
April 1, 2008US9026417942NYSE Arca0.004-USVUBS ETRACS CMCI Silver Total Return ETN$ USD0.15220.385920.385920.2339120.673517.2518.52XNYS40771804077180200000
October 27, 2010CA85207K1075NYSE Arca0.0068-PSLVSprott Physical Silver Trust$ USD-0.02016.06996.016.091903326.194.955.59XNYS905905897.79905905898149245605
July 24, 2009US0032641088NYSE Arca0.003-SIVRAberdeen Standard Phys Silver Shrs ETF$ USD-0.146515.743515.6515.896882016.1513.576615.04XNYS35265440035265440022400000
June 24, 2009CA44054A1003Toronto Stock Exchange0.0065- HUZHorizons Silver ETF$ CAD-0.138.518.518.644008.787.558.33XTSE5010875.226637800780000
May 4, 2011CA46434E1161Toronto Stock Exchange0.00670.006 SVR.CiShares Silver Bullion ETF (Non-Hedged)$ CAD-0.178.398.398.562388.637.38.38XTSE14250624.75188775002250000
April 21, 2006US46428Q1094Bolsa Mexicana de Valores0.005-SLV*iShares Silver Trust$ MXN4.12296291291.882297.75249.22285.2XMEX---
April 24, 2007US0032641088Bolsa Mexicana de Valores0.003-SIVR*Aberdeen Standard Phys Silver Shrs ETF$ MXN18297297279467297274.4282.6XMEX---
Total$ 7,864,176,295

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