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Precious Metals Managed Funds

105 Managed Funds $ 22,096,860,671
City of ManagerDomicileGold & Precious Metal FundsFund Assets $ USDLatest PortfolioPrior Periods
New York (NY)USAFirst Eagle Gold Fund $1,129,076,004Oct, 2018Apr, 2018Oct, 2017
Denver (CO)USAFidelity Select Gold Portfolio $1,061,302,852 Apr, 2019Oct, 2018Sep, 2018Aug, 2018
New York (NY)USAOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals Fund $1,060,387,863 Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
New York (NY)USATocqueville Gold Fund$1,045,979,450Oct, 2018Apr, 2018Oct, 2017
San Mateo (CA)USAFranklin Gold & Precious Metals Fund$989,768,844Jan, 2019Jul, 2018Jun, 2018Jan, 2018
Ketchum (ID)USASun Valley Gold LLC$777,730,000Mar, 2019Sep, 2018Mar, 2018
New York (NY)USAVan Eck International Investors Gold Fund$714,142,455Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
San Antonio (TX)USAUSAA Precious Metals and Minerals Fund$580,485,000May, 2018Nov, 2017May, 2017
Kansas City (MO)USAAmerican Century Global Gold Fund$393,321,537Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
Rye (NY)USAGabelli Gold Fund Inc.$306,716,244Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
San Francisco (CA)USAWells Fargo Precious Metals Fund$302,678,954Sep, 2018Mar, 2018
TorontoUSAInvesco Gold & Precious Metals Fund$243,905,061Oct, 2018Apr, 2018Oct, 2017Apr, 2017
San Antonio (TX)USAU.S. Global Investors World Precious Minerals$117,772,902Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
San Antonio (TX)USAU.S. Global Investors Gold and Precious Metals$100,739,809Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoUSAEuroPac Gold Fund$64,365,046Oct, 2018Apr, 2018Oct, 2017
Topeka (KA)USARydex Precious Metals Fund$53,139,278Dec, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017Mar, 2017
Beverly Hills (CA)USAGerbino Gold Group, LLC$50,000,000Jun, 2004
Livermore (CA)USAOCM Gold Fund$37,598,204Nov, 2018May, 2018Nov, 2017
Bethesda (MD)USAPrecious Metals UltaSector ProFund$23,578,706Jan, 2019Jul, 2018Jan, 2018Jul, 2017
New York (NY)USAMidas Fund Inc.$18,053,452Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
LondonLuxembourgBlackRock Global Funds World Gold Fund$5,083,420,581Aug, 2018Feb, 2018Aug, 2017
New York (NY)LuxembourgFalcon Gold Equity UCITS Fund$443,159,463Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Jun, 2017
LondonLuxembourgInvestec Global Gold Fund$371,015,000Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
HerisauLuxembourgKonwave Gold Equity Fund$232,273,088Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
LondonLuxembourgBAKERSTEEL Precious Metals Fund$169,068,758Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
New York (NY)LuxembourgDeutsche Invest I Gold & Precious Metals Equities$154,745,773Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgSchroder International Selection Fund Global Gold$150,700,000Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
New York (NY)LuxembourgLombard Odier Funds - World Gold Expertise$100,127,519Sep, 2018Mar, 2018
PullachLuxembourgDJE Gold & Ressourcen$94,375,437Dec, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgStructured Solutions Next Generation Resources$81,360,000Jul, 2018Jan, 2018Jul, 2017Jan, 2017
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgSTABILITAS Silber+Weissmetalle$81,360,000Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jan, 2017
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgSTABILITAS Pacific Gold+Metals$39,982,861Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
GenèveLuxembourgShare Gold$38,930,000Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
ZurichLuxembourgCommodity Capital Global Mining Fund$24,336,000Jul, 2018Jan, 2018
HerisauLuxembourgNESTOR Gold Fund$20,850,150Jun, 2018Jun, 2017Dec, 2016
LuxembourgLuxembourgSTABILITAS Gold+Resourcen$15,177,253Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
TaunussteinLuxembourgPlutos Gold Plus$9,120,000Mar, 2019Mar, 2018
ParisLuxembourgClaresco Or et Métaux Précieux$8,014,111Dec, 2017Dec, 2016Jun, 2016
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgTUNDRA Capital Management Gold Fund$6,368,250Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
Luxembourg CityLuxembourgSTABILITAS Gold+Resourcen Special Situations$3,347,197Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
MünchenLuxembourgCM-Equity Gold & Silver Equity Fund$1,695,600Jul, 2017
New York (NY)LuxembourgVan Eck - Global Gold UCITS$713,484Dec, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
LondonUKBlackRock Gold & General Fund$1,934,422,400Feb, 2019Aug, 2018Feb, 2018Aug, 2017
LondonUKLF Ruffer Gold Fund$1,138,692,800Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017
LondonUKInvestec Global Gold Fund (Series iii)$1,62,960,000Aug, 2018Feb, 2018Aug, 2017
TorontoUKSmith & Williamson Global Gold and Resources Fund$71,124,214Nov, 2018Nov, 2017
LondonUKJunior Gold Fund$21,600,506Feb, 2019Aug, 2018Feb, 2018Aug, 2017
LondonUKWAY Charteris Gold and Resources Fund$15,520,000Feb, 2018Mar, 2017
LondonUKTC South River Gold & Precious Metals Fund$4,320,000Aug, 2018Aug, 2017
TorontoCanadaRBC Global Precious Metals Fund$376,505,250Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoCanadaDynamic Precious Metals Fund$253,852,500Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
TorontoCanadaSentry Precious Metals Fund$231,559,553Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Mar, 2017
TorontoCanadaMackenzie Precious Metals Class$195,891,750Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Mar, 2017
TorontoCanadaNinepoint Gold & Precious Minerals Fund$92,641,733Jun, 2018Dec, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoCanadaNinepoint Silver Equities Class$88,126,112Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoCanadaAGF Precious Metals Fund$85,825,646Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017
TorontoCanadaLondon Life Precious Metals Fund (M)$85,575,000Dec, 2017Dec, 2016
TorontoCanadaTD Precious Metals Fund$83,727,000Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoCanadaDynamic Strategic Gold Class$72,706,500Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
TorontoCanadaIG Mackenzie Global Precious Metals Class$55,465,500Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Mar, 2017
TorontoCanadaBMO Precious Metals Fund$49,315,500Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017
TorontoCanadaCIBC Precious Metals Fund$32,364,000Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TorontoCanadaSignature Gold Corporate Class$28,124,888Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017Mar, 2017
Montreal (PQ)CanadaNBI Precious Metals Fund$20,478,447Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
ParisFranceAmundi Funds Equity Global Gold Mines$276,497,539Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
ParisFranceCrédit Mutuel CIC Global Gold$175,054,800Jun, 2018
ParisFranceRothschild R Mines d'Or$93,358,308Dec, 2017
ParisFranceAmundi Actions Or$80,661,864Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
ParisFranceSociété Générale Actions Or$43,912,369Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
ParisFranceEdmond de Rothschild Goldsphere$30,293,669Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017
ParisFranceGlobal Gold and Precious$19,404,000Oct, 2018
ParisFranceActions Or Monde$17,584,814Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
ParisFrancePlaceuro Gold Mines$12,854,859Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
ParisFranceStratégie Indice Or$6,052,699Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
ParisFranceAAZ Prestige Or$5,820,000Dec, 2017
ZurichSwitzerlandAMG Gold Minen & Metalle$158,181,429Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
New York (NY)SwitzerlandFalcon Gold Equity Fund$88,591,592Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
GenèveSwitzerlandIAM-Gold & Metals Fund$55,417,640Dec, 2017Dec, 2016
ZurichSwitzerlandPrecious Capital Global Mining and Metals Fund$37,271,475Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
HerisauCayman IslandsGOLD 2000 Ltd.$139,088,534May, 2018May, 2017May, 2016
Ketchum (ID)Cayman IslandsSun Valley Gold Master Fund, Ltd.$12,000,000Mar, 2019Sep, 2018Mar, 2018
HerisauCayman IslandsGOLD 3000 Ltd.$11,978,252Jun, 2018Jun, 2017Jun, 2016
FrankfurtGermanyEarth Gold Fund UI$109,877,869Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
FrankfurtGermanyEarth Exploration Fund$34,193,147Sep, 2018Mar, 2018Sep, 2017
FrankfurtGermanyGR Noah$18,646,721Jul, 2018Dec, 2017
ZurichLiechtensteinCraton Capital Precious Metal Fund$87,292,024Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
TriesenLiechtensteinSafePort Gold & Silver Mining Fund$10,010,019Dec, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
TriesenLiechtensteinSafePort Silver Mining Fund$6,926,006Dec, 2018Jun, 2018Dec, 2017Jun, 2017
ViennaAustriaAmundi Gold Stock$68,904,000Oct, 2018Apr, 2018Oct, 2017
ViennaAustriaC-Quadrat Gold & Resources Fund$10,368,000Feb, 2019Feb, 2018Nov, 2017
Kuala LumpurBVIPhoenix Gold Fund Ltd.$41,090,000
LondonBVIHinde Gold Fund$13,760,000
ZurichBVIPower Capital Ltd. - Gold Edge Fund$7,214,000
TokyoJapanDaiwa World Gold Mine Stocks$6,242,400
LondonJapanMerrill Lynch IIFs Gold & Metal Open Fund$1,080,000
San Mateo (CA)BermudaASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd.$233,624,421May, 2018Nov, 2017May, 2017
SingaporeSingaporeUnited Gold & General Fund$177,090,000Jun, 2018Jun, 2017
New York (NY)IrelandDeutsche Noor Precious Metals Securities Fund$140,811,014Jun, 2018Dec, 2017
SingaporeMalaysiaRHB Gold and General Fund$133,992,000Jun, 2018
AerdenhoutNetherlandsCommodity Discovery Fund$44,082,317Oct, 2018Dec, 2017
HelsinkiFinlandZenito Silver and Gold Fund$20,400,000Jun, 2018
SydneyAustraliaBaker Steel Gold Fund$9,367,500
NassauBahamasKrugold Inc.$8,040,000
TaipeiTaiwanHSBC Gold and Mining Equity Fund$7,768,785
LondonJerseyBlackRock International Gold & General Fund$1,209,014Feb, 2018
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