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Top 3 Precious Metals ETFs

Number of Funds12Leveraged Gold ETFsSum of Assets$ USD$ 501,069,628100%
Inception Date Plot
Inception DateISIN codeExchangeMERMgt. FeeLocal TimeSymbolNameccy.ChangeLast PriceYtD%OpenPrevious CloseVolumeYear HighYear Low31.Dec.2018MIC CodeUSD Market Cap.% of TotalMkt. Cap.Outstanding
Precious Metals ETF
December 19, 2008-Australian Securities Exchange
--Trading LiveETFS Physical PM Basket ETCXASX
September 22, 2006GB00B15KYF40 Borsa Italiana S.p.A.
0.0049-Trading LiveAIGPETFS Precious Metals ETC€ EUR0.12415.82415.80615.740015.82412.8313.99XMIL
April 4, 2007GB00B15KYF40 Euronext Paris
0.0049-Trading LiveAIGPPETFS Precious Metals ETC€ EUR0.0615.7415.75115.682015.812.7613.85XPAR
September 27, 2006GB00B15KYF40London Stock Exchange
0.0049-Trading LiveAIGPETFS Precious Metals ETC$ USD0.272517.6417.56517.36751402717.6414.88316.1XLON
October 22, 2010US26922W1099NYSE Arca
0.006-Trading LiveGLTRAberdeen Standard Phys PrecMtlBskShr ETF$ USD0.343569.313569.0668.97407370.278756.3263.16XNYS
January 18, 2018US06746P4643NYSE Arca
0.0045-Trading LiveJJPiPath® B Bloomberg Prec Mtls Ttl Ret ETN$ USD0.931851.504950.750.573110051.584543.1346.74XNYS
January 5, 2007US46140H5028NYSE Arca
0.00780.0075Trading LiveDBPInvesco DB Precious Metals$ USD0.7739.8439.8539.0711161340.1333.9836.24XNYS
March 31, 2011US26922W1099Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
0.006-Trading LiveGLTR*Aberdeen Standard Phys PrecMtlBskShr ETF$ MXN-412911291129574129511841245XMEX
February 19, 2009US46140H5028Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
0.00780.0075Trading LiveDBPInvesco DB Precious Metals$ MXN1.75709.98709.98708.2311650721.25677.37707.43XMEX
Leveraged Long Precious Metal ETF
March 11, 2008JE00B2NFV795Borsa Italiana S.p.A.
0.0098-Trading LiveLPMTETFS 2x Daily Long Precious Metals ETC€ EUR0.45527.327.326.8451527.319.61821.59XMIL
March 11, 2008JE00B2NFV795London Stock Exchange
0.0098-Trading LiveLPMTETFS 2x Daily Long Precious Metals ETC$ USD0.3829.7830.4730.092630.722.7326.22XLON
Total$ 508,258,503
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